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Christine Blumenstein Essen :

Working with Inner Parts

Christine Blumenstein-Essen
Christine Blumenstein-Essen (° Austria, 1956), social worker. 1978 – 1985 therapeutic and social work at a social psychiatric center in Graz. Since 1985 in private practice for psychotherapy, supervision and coaching (systemic therapy, Gestalt, NLP, trauma therapy). Active in constellation work since 1987. Trainer for systemic family therapy (ÖAGG). Dance and movement therapist. Co-founder of APSYS (Institute for Systemic Practice and Dialogic-Systemic Constellation Work). Trainer for advanced professional training in constellation work and systemic counseling. Case counceler for larger helper´s systems.
Christine Blumenstein-Essen (° Austria, 1956) is very well- known internationally as a very experienced facilitator who is continually developing her practice. Her relaxed and warm approach creates safety and the constellations are surprising and profound. She combine the classic constellations with those of the inner world.

In this workshop we don’t only look at the current family and the family of origin but also at one’s “inner system”, inner parts or inner activities, and how they can support your quest for change.

“Make it go away!” is what people often say when they come for counselling or therapy. Yet the solution is not in the intense struggle with the problem but in the intense examination of the background and context in which it occurs. This includes searching for possible changes within yourself and creating new biographies (i.e. life stories). We will work with the question of how relationships can cause problems and symptoms. With questions and examples of participants we will look at why and from where people act as they do, why individual roles are as they are an why we sometimes get stuck. What important aspects of the problem should be seen and heard by a larger whole, how new images in the constructive cooperation of forces within the system arise.
This workshop also includes aspects of trauma therapy, whenever needed in order to recognize, understand and comfort younger “hurt selves” of clients.

Christine will work in the context of group and individual settings.

This workshop is a training for constellators and is also open to everyone who is interested. The workshop will be held in English with translation to and from Dutch.
Location 3Hoog, Leuven, Belgium (20 km from Brussels) -  route
Date and hours Sunday 8th and Monday October 9th 2017.
10:00 to 18:00
Organisation and Information Louis Hillebrand +32 494 419 661
Fawzia Hanssens +32 16 64.98.08
Fees and Conditions Workshop: 340 €.
including lunch, coffee and tea.
Advance payment € 100 (cancallation fee),
Registration is only valid after receiving the advance payment.
Remaining fee to be paid at the latest four weeks before the workshop.
Maximum 30 participants.
You can cancel your booking until September 8th, the paid amount will be returned, except for the advance payment (cancellation fee) € 100
In case of cancellation after September 8th, the total amount is due, unless a replacing participant Is found in consultation with vzw De Open Cirkel.
Online-registering Is closed,
please contact us for information,.